The Tomy Takkies brand is deeply entrenched in the streets and the hearts of South Africans everywhere. TOMYs were created for casual weekend wear but you saw them as something more. You took them and made them your own. They went from weekend wear to everyday wear and soon they were making an appearance at weddings, mgidi’s and even braais. Being tossed around in circles by street dancers and stomped around on dance floors. The TOMY stamp has made its mark on every trendsetter, every hungry youth searching for something more than what they were handed. Its became hard to miss them because they seemed to attract the greatest variety of users and self-proclaimed advocates.

The name and logo of the Tomy Takkies have become iconic for individuality, versatility and comfort. In order to ensure the brand stays on-trend we have refreshed the TOMY Takkies logo to ensure the Tomy spirit lives on with every pair of shoes made.

TOMY is the canvas and the person wearing them is the artist that gets to fill them with as much colour and possibility as they can. TOMY Takkies aims to connect with young people, women predominantly, in a way that they can relate to, but also in a way that inspires them. These women are purpose-driven, they stand for something but they’re also just human. And we want to connect with them through a shared honesty. Raw. Real.

We want to empower women and their reality. While connecting with those already empowered.

Women are so much more today. They are woke, opinionated, independent, starting businesses, challenging status quos. But they’re also feeling pressured and going through the most. We want to be with them on that journey. We want to strike that balance with them.

We are genuine Tomy Takkies, Live Tomy!

Check out our Tomy refreshed Logo and package, same quality just in a different box.

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