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At Tomy, we believe in honouring and uplifting women who break barriers and redefine success. Mbali Nhlapho, an outstanding young female entrepreneur and social media sensation, embodies the spirit of the women we are privileged to support. She is not just a successful entrepreneur, but also a passionate educator and a source of inspiration for thousands.

Successful Entrepreneur and Social Media Sensation

Since starting Sisters@Work, Mbali Nhlapho has earned herself an impressive following of over 740,000 TikTok followers, close to 170,000 Instagram followers, and a social media empire built on sparkling surfaces and clever cleaning hacks. This ‘Cleaning Queen’ is not only teaching and sharing expert cleaning tips but also revolutionising the industry and empowering other women in the process.

Mbali’s journey didn’t start with aspirations of online fame, but rather, with a passion for creating spotless homes. In 2015, Mbali realised that she could make a difference in many people’s lives by taking the unpleasant and time-consuming chore of cleaning off their hands. She built her reputation by recruiting talent and connecting people with reliable domestic workers and nannies. Spotting a gap in the market, Mbali used her skills to vet trustworthy individuals to clean homes and offices. In 2017, Sisters@Work Cleaning Services was established, employing dozens of women and building a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

As a testament to Mbali’s success, her business has received nothing but positive reviews.

“The reason I constantly call Sisters@Work to clean my house has been about more than their professional work ethic, and ability to do the job quickly and well, but also because they have always been reliable and friendly.” – Di

But Mbali’s drive and determination empowered her to reach far beyond local clientele. Three years ago, Mbali took a leap of faith and entered the world of social media. Armed with her infectious enthusiasm and a treasure trove of cleaning hacks, Mbali built a massive following across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Her engaging content features the now-famous line delivered in her signature style, and loved by thousands of South Africans: “My name Is Mbali Nhlapho and IIII’m a housekeeper!”

Today, Mbali’s influence and authentic personality know no bounds; she co-presents on two popular cleaning shows, “Yekela” on Moja Love and “Abo Auntie” on Showmax. Not only that, but Mbali is also an author, sharing her knowledge in the book, I am Mbali Nhlapho “I am a Housekeeper.”

The Heart Behind Sisters@Work

Despite her huge online success, Mbali is driven by the need to make a positive difference, and the causes closest to her heart are an extension of Sisters@Work. Through Charity@Work, Mbali uses her sizeable platform and influence to support worthy charity and community initiatives. Training@Work began during the pandemic to upskill housekeepers, leveraging her experience as a module developer and facilitator of a specialised house-keepers training course.

Join Tomy in supporting and donating to Charity@Work and help enable Mbali to continue spreading her sparkle and making a difference.

At Tomy, we regularly showcase and support new local women-driven businesses. Help us continue to recognise and uplift remarkable women and their initiatives. Leave a comment below with details of a woman-founded or -led business that is making an impact, and they could be featured next!

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