Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! You can buy Tomys in children’s sizes at Shoe City stores only.
Unfortunately, we can only recommend selling prices to retailers that stock Tomys. However, each retailer sets their own retail price.

Tomys are manufactured in the following sizes:

Ladies: 2-8

Youth: 9-1

We hope you find the size you’re looking for!

Handwash using a gentle soap and scrubbing brush in lukewarm water. Do not machine wash as the heat shrinks the shoe materials and compromises the glue. Allow to air dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight as this can discolour the materials.

While we have a large range of sneakers, not all retailers can stock every style unfortunately. Our suggestion is to shop around at Shoe City, Edgars, Zando or Tekkie Town. Start online using the links below, and if you still can’t find the style you’re looking for, head to your nearest store.

Shoe City:



Tekkie Town:

You can tell Tomy Original Canvas Sneakers are genuine when:

– They say ‘Super Tomy’ on the sole.
– They have a foxing (zigzag) pattern on the sole.
– They feature the name TOMY with one M.

Should you have any complaints, compliments or queries you’d like to direct to our team, please send them in an email to
along with your name and contact details. Our Customer Services department will then contact you directly should you have an issue needing to be resolved.

A portion of every Tomy sale is donated to organisations that support women and girls across South Africa.