Tomy has recently launched a new swing tag that promises to give back to women of South Africa.
Targeting a female audience, the brand has aligned itself with a female positioning that resonates with the daily lives of South African women. Through the launch of its new swing tag Tomy intends to support south African women by helping women uplift other women in local communities.

Tomys first collaboration is with Caring4Girls, which helps young females across SA during their menstrual cycles. The Imbumba Foundation’s Caring4Girls Programme was founded in response to the harsh reality that millions of girls in South Africa miss a significant number of school days and others drop-out completely, due to lack of access to adequate sanitary protection and corresponding reproductive health education. The programme aims to give a voice to young girls, instil dignity and foster confidence. To date the programme has helped over 1.5 million girls. The organisation also sells Caring4Girls sanitary pads and donates the monies raised towards their cause.

Tomy Takkies has therefore decided to bring awareness to this worthy initiative as its launch collaboration with female inspired programmes. “Tomy supports the spirit of women empowering other women” says brand Manager Swastika Juggernath.

Tomy is also a supporter of the popular Future Females and Boss Babes, female empowerment organisations including various other female led and inspired organisations. Tomy simply wants to resonate and appreciate everyday women for doing what they do, being a woman! Tomy thrives on the energy of purpose-driven women who stand for something but who have not lost sight of their humanity. Tomy Takkies is striving to connect with women through a shared honesty. Raw. Real.

The essence of TOMY is making you feel free to live your life, the way you want to! LIVE.TOMY.

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