Tomy Takkies, an iconic South African brand creating accessible, affordable and fashion forward footwear will be exhibiting at the 2018 edition of the Sibaya Wedding show taking place on 25th & 26th August 2018 in Durban.

As fashion evolves, etiquette around formal weddings can be perplexing for the bride when it comes to comfortable footwear. Many brides often wonder if its okay to ditch the uncomfortable heels for a pair of sneakers. Now, brides have an expanding choice of comfortable yet stylish sneakers and thanks to brands such as Tomy Takkies, sneakers are now more glamourous.

“As beautiful as your wedding day is, it does prove to be a long day,” says Swastika Juggernath Bata South Africa Marketing Manager. “The bride has to assume that she will be on her feet for up to 10 hours on her wedding day and most women are not comfortable in heels for that amount of time,” added Juggernath. “With this in mind, Tomy Takkies are exhibiting at the Sibaya Wedding Show to showcase just how glamourous sneakers can be and how these trendy sneakers can #WalkwithMe on your wedding day.”

American tennis star, Serena Williams, took full advantage of this trend. She donned a pair of customised embellished sneakers at her wedding to Alexis Ohanian in November 2017 and more recently she accessorised her evening gown at the wedding reception for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with another pair of customised sneakers. Her reason for the footwear accessory – “she wanted to be comfortable” she wrote on her Instagram page.

“Brides are putting their personal stamp and style on their wedding, so customised Tomy Takkies gives her the opportunity to do just that. We have invited an artist to our exhibition, so that brides can see just how they can personalise their shoes,” explained Juggernath. “Dhiantha Achary is a local artist who heads up, Laced – a sneaker detail company that thrives on sneaker customisation services. She will be on hand to walk brides through the customisation process showing couples how they can make their Tomy Takkies their own. With her innovative flair and talent, Dhiantha will add a little something extra to the bridal wardrobe. The shoes can be brightly coloured, embroidered or decorated with beading or lace to match the dress, he can even personalise the shoes with initials and dates. The options are endless!”

Couples can see a range of Tomy Takkies and have an opportunity to take a selfie with their favourite pair of Tomy’s, upload it to the Tomy Takkies Facebook page using the hashtag #WalkWithMe. By doing this the couple will qualify for a chance to play the Tomy “CLAW” if they manage to pick up a sneaker from the machine they will get a free pair of Tomy Takkies which Dhiantha will customise for them on the stand.

“Orders have been received for complete sets of custom shoes for the entire bridal party. Sometimes the sneakers are coordinated with the colour of the flowers or the bride uses the sneaker to tie a theme into the bridal party by wearing a certain colour while hers are white or a bright colour to flash under her dress.” Adds Juggernath.

We highly look forward to you joining us at Sibaya on the 25th & 26th August.

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