There’s nothing better than knowing your purchase is contributing to something more; that you’re not only treating yourself to something special, but also participating in a meaningful cause. It’s the feeling you get when you shop a pair of Tomy Takkies because you’re supporting a brand that goes beyond fashion by empowering women and supporting a greater mission.


Since 1964, Tomy Takkies has been known for its comfortable footwear. What began as an initiative to provide comfort has evolved into a movement of women supporting women. In fact, a portion of every sale is donated to organisations that support women and girls across South Africa.


In the spirit of celebrating Women’s Month, Tomy Takkies is thrilled to introduce an inspiring initiative that spotlights exceptional local businesses led by remarkable women, all making a powerful impact in their communities. Through financial contributions, Tomy aims to bolster these businesses and their endeavours, amplifying their influence and reach.


EcoGem: Pioneering Sustainability and Creativity



One of the standout businesses featured in Tomy Takkies’ initiative is EcoGem. At the core of EcoGem’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability and creativity. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Gemma Dawn Combrinck, EcoGem has redefined the art of transformation. It’s a story of turning discarded materials into not just functional products but exquisite works of art.


Gemma’s journey to EcoGem was driven by her love for fashion and design, balanced with a deep concern for the environment. She recognised the potential to merge style and sustainability and embarked on a mission to breathe new life into discarded materials. This led to the birth of a collection that radiates elegance while telling a powerful story of repurposing and renewal.


“EcoGem is unique because we are small,” Gemma shares. Her hands-on approach allows her to be involved in every step of the creation process, from design to production. This dedication ensures that every piece is not only stylish, but stays true to EcoGem’s core values – creating sustainable products.



The genesis of EcoGem can be traced back to a pivotal moment in Gemma’s life – the birth of her first child. Seeking a career change that aligned with her family commitments, she unearthed an old sewing machine and embarked on a creative journey. This pursuit transformed from a hobby into a thriving business that offers a range of eco-conscious lifestyle and utility items, all meticulously crafted from recycled materials.


From storage baskets to totes, picnic essentials to laundry baskets, EcoGem’s creations redefine functionality through sustainability. Each piece carries a unique narrative as skilled artisans collaborate to transform discarded fabrics, leather offcuts, and plastic bottles into functional works of art.


“EcoGem believes in fashion as a force for good,” Gemma emphasizes. With each stitch, the brand reaffirms its dedication to sustainable practices, combining beauty with purpose. Gemma envisions a future where EcoGem grows beyond its current horizons. With a heart set on training, empowering, and employing more women, she aspires to expand the brand’s footprint worldwide and delve into new realms like interior design. EcoGem products are more than accessories; they’re a symbol of empowerment and environmental responsibility.



Amidst her successes, Gemma’s journey isn’t without its challenges. As a female entrepreneur and business owner, she grapples with the balancing act of managing it all while raising her two sons. Her advice during this Women’s Month resonates, “As women, we are naturally soft… but let’s not forget we are also fierce, strong, and capable of anything we set our minds to.”


EcoGem’s story echoes the sentiment that businesses can thrive without compromising ethical values. To support this remarkable venture, you can find EcoGem on Instagram @ecogemgem or reach out via email at By choosing EcoGem, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re actively participating in shaping a greener and more empowered future.


Let’s continue to join Tomy Takkies in celebrating local women-led businesses like EcoGem. By embracing their stories and products, we contribute to a movement that transcends fashion, making a positive impact that echoes for generations. Let’s spread the love for these trailblazing women, not just this month, but for all the months to come.


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