If you’ve been following Tomy, you may have heard about our ongoing initiative to highlight and share the stories of successful women-founded and -led businesses in our local community. We have had the honour of showcasing several fantastic, female founded businesses so far, and we continue to donate a portion of every Tomy sale to organisations that empower women and girls across South Africa.


With October being Mental Health Awareness Month in South Africa, Tomy’s latest spotlight highlights the success of an inspiring business, working to make mental healthcare more accessible to everyone who needs it in the local community.


Meet Onkgopotse, Founder Of The Pocket Couch



Onkgopotse Khumalo truly is doing the most. While maintaining her status as a gender equity advocate, public speaker, avid learner, and mother to a 3-year-old boy, she is also the founder of The Pocket Couch, a health tech start-up that strives to close the gap in finding, paying for, and accessing mental healthcare.


“I founded The Pocket Couch with the goal to provide equitable access to mental healthcare, particularly amongst young adults on the African continent,” she shares.


Since developing The Pocket Couch, Onkgopotse has utilised the platform to raise awareness about mental health and provide support, so that people are more empowered to seek out help when they need it.


Mental Health Support, That’s Accessible To Everyone


The Pocket Couch’s customisable digital platform provides access to a network of vetted mental health experts. It also offers a safe online community, along with screening tools, and informational content centred on mental health awareness and knowledge.


Creating a culturally diverse team that can relate to people of different backgrounds is a major priority for Onkgopotse. So far, The Pocket Couch has been able to provide over 45 000 minutes of therapy in six official South African languages.


“We focus not just on online therapy access, but access to holistic tools to proactively support mental wellness in a way that is relatable and easy to digest,” Onkgopotse explains.


The Pocket Couch’s Ongoing Road To Success



We’re not the only ones recognising Onkgopotse and her team’s success. Just this year, The Pocket Couch was awarded Best Mental Health Software Provider in South Africa in the MEA Markets African Business Excellence Awards and was shortlisted by the She Loves Tech Competition as one of the top 15 women-owned tech start-ups in the Africa round in 2022.


In addition to individual mental healthcare, Onkgopotse and her team also connect organisations and learning institutions with tools and resources to better manage their teams’ mental well-being.


As Onkgopotse grows her team, she is looking forward to partnering with more organisations and learning institutions that are interested in enhancing productivity and the overall well-being of their team members in the future.


If you’re a business professional, visit The Pocket Couch’s website or find them on social media to find out how they can support you and your team.



Do you know any women-founded or -led businesses that you think are doing the most? Let us know on our socials @tomytakkies, and they could be featured next!



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