Tomy Takkies is a well-trusted companion of many South Africans.

Countless feet have walked their journey in Tomy Takkies, showing they’re here to stay. All South Africans, at every juncture of their lives, have encountered a pair of Tomy Takkies and we all have grown up with this formidable brand.

From humble beginnings in Geru, Thomas John Bata developed and created a canvas sneaker that he named after his son, Thomas. Since 1964, the popularity of the canvas sneaker has taken it from small, local distribution channels to mass distribution across multiple continents. Fast forward to present day, there is an array of styles and colourways that not only ensure all-round comfort but also provide a great accessory to any outfit and any style.

With the ever-growing trend of sneaker customisation, modifying your Tomy Takkies to suit your style has paved the way for great creativity; the Tomy Freestyle Competition, a recent example. For varied styles, and new products feel free to check out

Tomy Heritage is a celebration of this iconic shoe brand. We are proud to have played a part in the many moments and memories that have shaped your stylish life.  

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