Life in monochrome, what more could you want?

So you’re headed out for a night with your squad. You know you have to look your best from head to toe. If you have all of your vision and you’re not colourblind, or so you think, there are a lot of colours to choose from and choice can sometimes be your worst enemy.

Relax, breathe. We’re here to help. Put down the neon orange skirt, step away from the blue vest.
All you need is black and white. They’re simple elegant colours that can easily be used to compliment anything you want to add to your look. Black is sleek and slimming and hides marks nicely, especially if you’re prone to spilling or getting make-up everywhere. White is fresh and clean and can really brighten things up.

Let’s say you’re going with a more relaxed look. Grab yourself a pair of black skinny jeans with slits. Let them legs breathe! Throw on a loose, off the shoulder white tee. If you’re not too confident in white, go for grey. They’re both winners in our books. Adding accessories is where the fun comes in. Let your personality really shine through on your nails. Nail art is exactly that, art, and you need to show it off. A long strappy gold bag to keep all your important things; iPhone, purse, gum, lip gloss, you know, all the girl essentials. Lastly your Tomys. At this point you’re already looking fierce so whether you choose a pair of black Classics or white Original High Tops, you’ll be walking with confidence all the way to your Uber.

So spoil yourself a little. Girls needs to have some fun every once in a while, get yours here.

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