Throughout the development of society and technology, we have witnessed the evolution of graffiti. From San Rock Art to the intricate Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, to the modern day street art we see all around us.

Previously seen as vandalizing, Graffiti is rapidly becoming modern society’s preferred way of celebrating life and art. This urban sub-culture has filtered its influence into fashion; namely through the customization of ordinary clothes with either spray paint, paint or anything you can stick on using fabric glue

Tomy Takkies is back at it again with DIY with Tomy Takkies where we give our Tomy Takkies Originals a unique twist by adding the original South African flair we know and love. Check out our Facebook page for our latest pearl-inspired DIY post for inspiring ideas for you to be able to use your own creative interpretation on the original South African canvas.  

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