Authentically, you.

We’ve all heard that in life, change is inevitable however do you know what is also a constant in life? YOU; everything you see, taste, hear and experience is part of your life story. What better way to celebrate your individual style, than by rocking a sneaker that has stood the test of time?

Whether your enjoy dancing at festivals in your Tomy Takkies Originals, or enjoy the spoils of travel in your Tomy Takkies Superior, create memories in style in comfort only Tomy Takkies can provide. . Style and fashion is seasonal, with trends that come and go. The one constant that will never go out of style is freedom of expression – using personal style to express oneself.

Social media’s influence has allowed a platform for personality, style and fashion to be infused, interpreted and expressed in various ways; each speaking to a different element of individualism. Pioneering with your own rules means breaking stereotypes and paving your own destiny without explaining or apologizing to anyone.

Stay tuned to the roll out and launch of these amazing designs. Compliments of the season and let’s keep breaking boundaries with your stylish companion Tomy Takkies, as you venture forth into the year.

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